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PN7462 ROM code bug: phhalCt_Init() calls phRomhalCt_RegInit() but PRES_PUP_EN and PRES_CON_NO are NOT configured as expected

Question asked by Robert Beekmans on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by IvanRuiz

It seems the ROM API phRomhalCt_RegInit() does NOT change the values as expected for the fields:

  • bPullupSetStatus
  • bCardPresConnectorStatus


Code snippet from PN7462AU_ex_phExCt with modifications:

/* By default EEPROM has the values (see phCfg for details): */

/* gpkphCfg_EE_Boot_CT->bPullUp = 1 */

/* gpkphCfg_EE_Boot_CT->bConnectorType = 1 */

/* gpkphCfg_EE_Boot_CT->bAutoCTDeactivationEnable = 1 */

/* gpkphCfg_EE_Boot_CT->bSlewRate = 0x38 */


/* Initialize the CT module for normally closed presence switch as recommended in AN11738 */
phhalCt_InitParam_t sInitParams;
sInitParams.bPullupSetStatus = 0;
sInitParams.bCardPresConnectorStatus = 0;
sInitParams.bAutoCTDeactivationEnable = 0;
sInitParams.bSlewRateConfig = 0x38;


/* regVal still reflects the values set by EEPROM config as before calling phhalCt_Init() for bPullUp and bCardPres */


/* To set PRES_PUP_EN and PRES_CON_NO as desired use write to register directly: */

PH_REG_SET(CT_SSR_REG, (uint32_t)0x01);



Hopefully with the explaination above you are able to reproduce and hopefully fix it in the near future.

For now I'll use a direct register write as a workaround to get it configured for my hardware setup.


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