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Custom KV11/Motor Control PCB: OpenSDA?

Question asked by Frank Roberts on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hello I have developed a custom PCB based off of the FRDM-MC-LVPMSM which also has a MKV11Z64VFM7 on the PCB.  I have already successfully tuned our motor with the FRDM-KV11 and FRDM-MC-LVPSM eval boards.


My question is I want to be able to tune the motor using my custom PCB.  With that being said if I configure the FRDM-KV11 eval board to provide external programming/debugging to my custom PCB I know I can use the OpenSDA debugger/programmer to program the KV11 on my custom PCB but will I also be able to connect to the FreeMaster Tuning GUI using the FRDM-KV11 as the programmer/debugger to my custom PCB?


What I am not clear on if I need to somehow wire UART pins from my custom PCB into the FRDM-KV11 board to establish the Freemaster connection to my custom PCB or if this is somehow done through the OpenSDA interface that is on the FRDM-KV11?  


I can see in the schematic that the following UART0 Pins are connected to the OpenSDA Debugger...





I have these Pins mapped out to a header on my Custom PCB and I see that the UART0_RX is mapped to J1.6 on the FRDM-KV11 Eval Board but I am not really seeing any convenient way to map in my UART0_TX/PTB17 into the FRDM-KV11 Eval Board to connect my Custom PCB UART0_TX line to the Open SDA interface?


Lastly can you please provide details as to what specifically to do to the FRDM-KV11 Eval Board to allow it to program an external board.