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Question asked by MESUT YILMAZ on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río

Hello to everyone

I am working on the jn5168 microcontroller platform. I have a problem. 

I am sending package with rf. Mac layer tries 4 times when I do not receive ACK from the package I send.

Guess the default value is 4.

I want to send 1 times when no ACK.


I am analyzing the signal. The package is send 4 times as show in the picture.


How can I fix this.



The code I wrote in the picture below looks.  I am trying to set with this function but not working.


When I debug, I see that I can't set. (u8Retsies = 1). 

This function not working. Do you think there is an error in this function.