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imx8mq mipi-csi capture image err

Question asked by shiguang liu on Oct 18, 2019


i have use tc358749 hdmi->mipi csi chip to capture image. i finish the driver on imx8m mini first. and it works well.

and now i want to port the driver on imx8mq . it can not capture the image when the image is up to 1920*1080p@60,

it works well  on 1920*1080p@30 and  lower resolution. when the image is 1080p@60,  the tc358749 mipi lane speed  is about 560.25M. 

i find the imx8mq use the driver file is mxc-mipi-csi2_yav.c. it is not same with imx8m mini.  i don't konw the driver whether or not support 1080P@60, and  how to modify it.


Any suggestions are appreciated!


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