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USB-KW41 cannot be detected as MCU VIRTUAL COM

Question asked by Liu X.P. Liu on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río


It's my first time to use a sniffer. Now there are thorny problems.


1. Before the USB pre burn program was erased, I found that there was no problem in the front according to the entry prompt on the official website (about 2.4), but the last binary file (the steps described in the official website tutorial are as follows)
"Drag and drop the sniffer? Usbkw41z? K22f? 0x8000.bin to the bootloader"
The computer can't recognize the device when you drag it in. Usb-kw41z has been recognized before. How to deal with this?


2. Besides, I just want to receive the data sent by Bluetooth with the sniffer, but when my computer recognizes the device as usb-kw41z, the kinetics protocol analyzer adapter can't recognize the sniffer all the time. I see that the user's guide says to install the driver.
"The kw40z, KW24 and kw41 dongle is detected as MCU virtual com"
But my computer can't be identified as MCU virtual com.The port can be identified as j-link, or it can be directly identified as an unknown device by following the steps of retrieving the program on the official website. Why? How to deal with the problem that I can use the sniffer normally and view the received data on the computer?


Because of the slow speed of image transmission due to regional network, I can't upload screenshots, but I'd like to ask the technicians who can solve this problem to teach me a new person to solve it. I'm in a hurry. I'd like to ask you to see my problems clearly and to give me the guidance of the great God. Thank you very much.