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OM25180FDK with Cockpit V4.8.0 - "Clear Gear Values" messed up the board

Question asked by ahmed omar on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by IvanRuiz



I am using the OM25180FDK kit with the Cockpit (V4.8.0) for the first time.

I tried the DPC correlation and calibrations tests, and they were working correctly as the NXP videos show. And the default value for ITVDD when I first used the board with the factory settings (unloaded) was ~ 170mA.


After I did the calibration test and I wanted to repeat the test, I pressed "Clear Gear Values" while all the above check boxes are checked. Suddenly the current dropped to 120mA.

And when I tried to repeat the DPC correlation test again, when I press "Start loading" the ITVDD current becomes 6mA! and it doesn't change anymore when approaching a PICC to the OM25180FDK, and it keeps 6mA until I unplu-plug the board again!!


I check the log when pressing "Clear Gear Values", it sets registers 0x5C, 0x5F, 0x81 and 0x82 to 0x00. But since I pressed this button, the board isn't working correctly as before. What else did the button?


or what am I missing here?