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i.MX8M mini M4 Core clock change

Question asked by masahiro morimune on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by masahiro morimune

Is there any problem with the i.MX8M mini when the M4 Core side changes the Core clock with its own program after startup?

For example, suppose that the CORE clock is raised to 400MHz with the following function of NXP_SDK after startup. 

 CLOCK_SetRootDivider (kCLOCK_RootM4, 1U, 2U);

 CLOCK_SetRootMux (kCLOCK_RootM4, kCLOCK_M4RootmuxSysPll1); / * switch cortex-m4 to SYSTEM PLL1 * /

In this case, can the clock be switched safely without causing glitches?