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K64 SPI 1 Baudrate through MCUConfig Tool

Discussion created by ahmed hrabi on Oct 17, 2019
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Hi All, 


I'am working on the K64 with the MCUconfigTool. The bus Clock value is 50.381Mhz, and i'am using it to generate the SPI1 Clock. The Desired Baudrate of the SPI is 350000. 

Here's my McuConfigTool config : 


SPI1 SCK Pin : 


SPI1 Periph config : 

With this configuration the measured generated clock of the SPI 1 (SCK) is always 12.59Mhz, even when i chaned the desired baudrate to other values i always get 12.59Mhz. 


PS : I have tried the same conf for the SPI 0 and it works correctly (The generated SCK is 350 000 Hz). 


Best Regards, 

Ahmed HRABI.