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LPC55S59 : freeRTOS design

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Sabina Bruce

Hello !


Could you please and explain a bit about current freertos design for LPC55S69 and what data model is supported there.

From SDK expamples it is not clear yet.



In known ARM document : 

in Table 2-3, you might upport 


RTOS running in Non-secure state. Threads are Non-secure, but potentially some of the threads can call Secure API.



But this configuration is not supported yet :



RTOS running in Secure state. Some threads are Secure, and some threads are Non-secure. Cross domain APIs calls are also possible between domains


Is this so ?


2.  And what about  secure library management from chapter 3.5 ?


Secure RTOS designers must also consider cases where the Secure MPU is used for supporting multiple Secure software libraries. Here the Secure MemManage fault is used to control context switching between different libraries. A Secure RTOS must be aware of such MPU context changes



Thank you !