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S32K146 FTM trouble

Question asked by Oleg Shantalosov on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Daniel Martynek


I'm working with S32K146 controller and having trouble with FTM4.

I'm initialize the timer in counter mode and after start CNT register change value from 0 to 65535 in a circle.

Now I want to configure interrupt when CNT register change value from 65535 to 0.

I set TOIE bit in SC register


and set interrupt enable in NVIC

S32_NVIC->ISER[FTM4_Ovf_Reload_IRQn / 32] |= (1 << (FTM4_Ovf_Reload_IRQn % 32));


I also add interrupt handler function:


void FTM4_Ovf_Reload_IRQHandler(void)

Vector Table in startup file have corresponding pointer to my handler

.long   FTM4_Ovf_Reload_IRQHandler                      /* FTM4 Counter overflow and Reload interrupt*/


But, CNT register overflow triggered DefaultISR handler.

I stop debugger and see programm stay in DefaultISR function located at 0x1065c in code memory.

At this time register xPSR = 0x21000090. FTM4_Ovf_Reload_IRQHandler  located at 0x0134ad. Vector table offset VTOR = 0x10200. Code memory 0x10440 (corresponding to the interrupt vector 0x90) store word 0x1034AD.


The most intresting, when I change in my code FTM4 to FTM0 or FTM1 the trouble goes away


FTM0 or FTM1 worked nice!

FTM2-FTM5 dotn work.


Why? Help me!