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MiFare DESFire Light Session key generation and CMAC algorithm

Question asked by Tithi Patel on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Wilmer Suarez

Hi All,


I am using #MIFARE DESFire Light for one of my customer. I can successfully authenticate the card using DESFireEV2First algorithm. After that I'm trying to get the session keys (SesAuthENCKey/SesAuthMACKey) as explained in example of AN12343, Chapter, but I can not get the expected output for the session keys. 


So, my concern is, Can I use same CMAC algorithm in DESFire Light which was worked in DESFire EV1?


If YES, output of CMAC algorithm used in DESFire EV1 = 8 bytes (MAC)

And we want output of CMAC algorithm in DESFire Light = 16 bytes Session keys (SesAuthENCKey/SesAuthMACKey).

it looks confusing for me.


Any guideline regards this will be highly appreciable!