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USB Tap Issue with CW 8.8

Discussion created by Mikhail Zaturenskiy on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2009 by Mikhail Zaturenskiy

I'm trying to set up CodeWarrior (CW Dev Studio, Power Architecture v8.8) to use USBTap (looks like REV A) with a board using MCP885VR133 chip and a WinXP host.

The problem I'm having is getting CW to see the USBTap device. The TAP is connected via USB2.0 and it shows up fine in "Device Manager"/"System devices"/"CodeWarrior USB TAP". The TX/RX LED on the TAP is blinking GREEN, RUN/PAUSE LED is off.

When I try to go to "Debug"/"Attach to Process" in CW, I get an error "JTAG Clock Speed Change Error: Please check your JTAG clock speed." This same message comes up even if I DON'T have the TAP connected to the PC. I tried going to CCS (CodeWarrior Connection Server version {4.13}) and running "show cc", I get "0: USB open failure", and when I try "updateutap" I also get "USB open failure". Once again, these errors are the same whether or not I have the TAP connected. What else can I try?