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MPC8548 ISR throws exception

Question asked by Sreekant Nair on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by TomE



We are using a powerQuicIII MPC8548 processor which is configured to have two external interrupts via the PIC. Within the ISR, we perform two actions.

Start a Decrementer

(ii) Invoke a function to do some specific processing.


When the above two steps are performed, after several iterations (random), the system crashes within the ISR with a program exception. We replaced the existing function with a dummy function that has an asm("nop") and returns and the problem still exists.

However, whenever I do step (ii) without step(i), it seems to work fine. The decrementer is started for 1ms and should not fire while the function itself is executing(after profiling, function takes roughly 5-10us to complete execution).

The crash only happens after running for few seconds and several iterations.


Any pointers in this regards would be appreciated.