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Tag ID reading and NDEF writing on android 10

Question asked by Andreas Feil on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by Wigros Sun



I have a problem. On android 10 android beam is not available anymore. So P2P sending NDEF does not seem to work. I tested with an android mobile with android version 8 which works (debug: 2P TARGET MODE: Activated from remote Initiator). But on Android 10 it does not work anymore (debug: POLL MODE: Remote T4T activated).


I have defined:






I also need to read tag ids if someone is holding an rfid tag against the antenna. 


So far I think that p2p mode wil not work on android 10 anymore? So I thought of using card emulation mode for sending the ndef message. But there the documentation (AN11990.pdf) says that I have to disable all other modes (including RW_SUPPORT which is necessary for ID tag reading).


So the question is how do I get NDEF sending working on android 10 and still be able to read tag ids?