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Why does my MK02F12810 security not work?

Question asked by Atilla Filiz on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Atilla Filiz

I made the following change to my   devices/MK02F12810/gcc/startup_MK02F12810.S:


    .section .FlashConfig, "a"
#ifdef DEBUG
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFE
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFFF
    .long 0xFFFFFFF4


I can confirm that the MCU is secured, as when I try to reflash, I have to ask for a mass erase, block erase doesn't work, as expected.


The unexpected part is, when I make a "release" build, the MCU doesn't start up. It doesn't give any life signs.

When I do a release build with the security bytes 0xFE, everything works as expected.

Where can I have a look? What might be wrong?