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K64 WLCSP142 pinout error?

Question asked by Cesare Masetti on Oct 15, 2019
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we have developed a custom board based on K64 WLCSP142 P/N MK64FN1M0CAJ12R. On page 66 of datasheet K64P142M120SF5 Rev. 7, 10/2016 we read that on pins M5 and K6 (PTA7 and PTA8) we have MDIO interface, ALT5. However, signals do not move. If we setup ALT4 on pins PTB0 and PTB1 we have correct behaviour. We have noted that on datasheet K64P144M120SF5 of the other K64 packages there is no PTA7 and PTA8 MDIO alternative, so we were wondering if datasheet of WLCSP142 is wrong. 

Could anybody verify this issue?


Thank you.