Problems implementing CAN on MC9S12XEP100 DEMO Board

Discussion created by ace386 on Mar 9, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by James Murray


we tried to implement MSCAN on mentioned Board and encountered following problem:

The example code from the archive found under "rdhcs12caniomodsw" won't compile complaining about incompatible memory models "small" and "banked". Changing from "banekd" to "small" in the project settings in CodeWarrior won't solve the problem but lead to even more errors of the same type.
Manually changing the header files leads to a compilable project - as long as no CAN-specific function is called during the program!

Also, using code from AN2726 won't compile because of multiple definitions in some header files (we inluded the project's headers plus the chip-specific header for MC9S12XEP100), that can't be resolved by commenting the affected lines.

Is there any known working (MS)CAN example for MC9S12XEP100? Or are there any hints for us on how to get a simple CAN communication working between two of the mentioned DEMO Boards?

Thank you very much,