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Question asked by Sreedevi Mohan on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Aldo Gutierrez

Hi All,

we have a requirement to work with the following three EVKs.


i.MXRT1050 EVK
i.MX8M Mini EVK


As per our understanding , the RT1050 and LPC55S69 EVKs is using FREE RTOS with MCUXpresso SDK and 8M Mini is having yocto build. Based on this we have installed MCUXpresso and added the sdk downloaded SDK_2.6.1_EVKB-IMXRT1050 (1).zip and by following the steps in a doc.


We got and it will support 8M Mini as per the user guide. Also we got SDK_2.6.0_EVK-MIMX8MM.tar.gz, in which arm tool chain mentioned (Not able to add the same in MCUXpresso) but don't know how to build the sdk got  from this tar.gz. 


Could you please reply for the following questions if possible :

 1. Is this the correct and latest sdk for RT1050 and LPC ?

 2. What should be the correct sdk for 8M Mini ? If it is the yocto build , could you please confirm the latest bsp version that will support 8M Mini?


Thanks in advance.