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KW36A getting disconnect from phone during EMC test

Question asked by Kuldeep Chaturvedi on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by James Zhang



We are using KW36A in our project.

this product suppose to be used in 2W and 4W, and hence electromagnetic testing is been performed.

one such test is call BCI test. 

with the following condition it is been performed:

DUT is connected with a phone over HID profiles and custom profiles.

temp: room temperature.

voltage: +13v

operating mode: IGN/+B ON

frequency range: 1 to 2000 MHz

Freq Steps: 1 to 20 Mhz: 5%, 20 to 2000 Mhz  :2%

Electromagnetic field: 72mA

Modulation: AM(1kHz,80%)

Dwell Time: 2 Sec.


Expected result: for all the interference frequencies device should remain connected.

Actual result: The device got disconnected in the BCI testing at 190 Mhz. 


Could you please let us know what could be the reason for this failure and how can it be debugged and fix?


thanks in advance.