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Using LPC8N04 Expansion Headers P3/P4 for I2C

Question asked by James Whitney on Oct 14, 2019
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I had a question on using the expansion headers P3, or P4 on the LPC8N04. In the Dev. Board User's Guide, it says that to use the SDA/SCL lines the board must be separated into the DP/MP sections. However, when I read the 'readme' file for the i.e., I2C Polling Transfer Master, it makes no mention of having to separate the two sections. My questions are:

1 - Do I need to separate the boards or not, to use the SDA and SCL signals ?

2 - If I do have to separate the boards and I want to use the on-board debugger should I use 'P3' ?

3 - Once the boards are separated, how does the MP side get programmed (if not using NFC) ?