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LPC54608 Deep Sleep Mode exit

Discussion created by Santosh balakrishnan on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Sabina Bruce


I am attempting to verify LPC54608 power management with OM13092 dev board. The case i am trying to verify is exiting Deep Sleep Mode using pin interrupt (SW5 on OM13092). I am able to exit Sleep Mode with SW5, but unable to exist Deep Sleep Mode with SW5. 


Starting point for the code is the power_manager demo app in 54608 SDK. I made a few changes to support the LEDs on the OM13092 board. Other than that the code has not been modified. 

From what i understand in the documentation, Pin Interrupts should cause exit from deep sleep modes, is that correct? If it is what could prevent the exit?


I have attached the modified power_manager_lpc.c file.