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LSDK Prebuilt Images with DHCP

Discussion created by Henry Choi on Oct 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Christophe SCHMID
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Hi Platon, just burned the lastest LSDK rootfs and boot partition to the SD card this morning with flex-installer, following the online documentation.  Since it boots, I would guess that whatever FW was burned into the QSPI is irrelevant, so I cannot understand why the eth0/eth1 (pfe_eth devices) on the FRWY-LS1012A board do not get the DHCP address.  I confirmed with WireShark that the board does NOT send any DHCP request, which would explain the DHCP failure.


Nothing turns on for the LSDK DHCP failure, so I am wondering how I could have screwed up such seemingly simple steps as writing the precompiled binary to the SD card.  It seems Ubuntu 18.04 went to netplan for the interface configuration, and going back to the ifupdown legacy system is not working.


Should I assume that the FRWY-LS1012A board is tested before the LSDK release, or is my board not supported any more?