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Code generation bug?

Question asked by Oliver Scholz on Mar 8, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2009 by CompilerGuru

I am having weird problems with CW4.7 for HC12. I am compiling some code from an older project, and I think the compiler may be generating the wrong code. Here's a snippet along with what the compiler generates (well, at least what the debugger assembly window shows):


// get a pointer from a const array, (p is allocated to Y)

p = ArrayAddresses[n];                // clra; asld; tfr d,x; ldy 37083,X


// copy value pointed to into some static variable

temp0 = *p;                              // ldd 0,y; std 0x0907


// now, here is the problem as I see it...

*pRam = *p;                             // ldd 2,y+; ldx 5,sp; std 0,x, sty 0,sp




The compiler generates "ldd 2,y+", which is the correct postincrement, but it should access 0,y instead of 2,y shouldn't it? Or am I missing something? I thought ldd 2,y+ loads D with the word pointed to by y+2, and then increments y. The target is a B32 derivative, if that makes any difference.


The postincrement seems to be throwing the compiler off, because if I drop the final p++, it generates:


*pRam = *p                               // ldd 0,y; ldx 5,sp; std 0,x


In general, I am having problems with code in the form *ptr++. I haven't tried switching any optimisations off yet, I wanted to check if this is a known problem.


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