Bita Sobhani

I AM GETTING CRAZY, ANYONE CAN HELP? set baud rate to 300

Discussion created by Bita Sobhani on Mar 8, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2009 by STEVE APELMAN

Hi all


I am working on 13213 NCB with HCS08 microcontroller. The board baud rate can only be set from 1200 to 38400. The BUSCLK is 16MHz.  How can I change the baud rate to 300?

I added the line:

         #define gUARTBaudRate300_c     ((UartBaudRate_t) 0x0D05)

to existing baudrate table. But some bytes are received with error and some bytes are missed (I am using receive interrupt).

Can you please give me a code example?