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MIMXRT1050 __disable_irq() Not Working

Question asked by Kamal Nasif on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by Bruce McKenney



I am working on a project using the MIMXRT1050 board with Kielv5 Pro Edition. I am using Keil RTOS2 and when I try to use the __disable_irq() function, nothing happens. I have went into debug mode and checked the disassembly file and it does show that the __disable_irq() function is masking the CPSID to disable interrupts.


I am currently using the __disable_irq() function to test my watchdog timer interrupt, in which the board will reset if the wdog is not refreshed. The wdog is set up to reset the board after 10 seconds of no refresh which means if I call the __disable_irq() function, after 10 seconds the board will reset.


I think that the __disable_irq() function is working correctly but maybe something is causing the interrupts to be re-enabled right away, or maybe the __disable_irq() function is just not working.


Does anyone know why the __disable_irq() function is not working correctly?


Here are some pictures of my code if it helps: