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Not possible Flash U-boot via Codewarrior when ECC 4 bits is enabled at hardware

Question asked by Daniel Simões on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by Yiping Wang

I have a custom board based in BSC9132QDS. One changes is new part of NAND MT29F4G08ABA that actually works well. But now, a new feature (ECC) is necessary and some modifications on uboot and hardware are necessaries to achieve it, and were mapped as follow:


* include/configs/bsc9132qds

#define CONFIG_SYS_NAND_CSOR    ( CSOR_NAND_ECC_ENC_EN     /* ECC on encode */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_ECC_DEC_EN     /* ECC on decode */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_ECC_MODE_4     /* 4-bit ECC */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_RAL_3     /* RAL = 3 Bytes */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_PGS_2K     /* Page Size = 2K */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_SPRZ_64     /* Spare size = 64 */ \
                    | CSOR_NAND_PB(64))     /*Pages Per Block = 64*/

* hardware

   BSC9132 QDS SW7 "IFC"
   IFC ECC (cfg_ifc_ecc[0:1])
   2'b10 - 4-bit correction

I used Codewarrior PA 10.3 and USB-TAP to flash the u-boot-nand.bin, but just if SW7 2'b00 (ECC disabled) is set. When I change to SW7 2'b10 (4 - bit correction) the following error message is showed:

Failed to reset the target
[CCS last error: p1010: Core not responding ](CCSProtocolPlugin)
Error: Connect Failed.
Error executing task BSC9132QDS_NAND_FLASH.
Error:  Connect Failed.    log: Timestamp:  Thu Oct 10 09:34:08 2019

Why it is happen and how can I fix the Codewarrior's project to flash uboot on the target the board even using the SW7 2'b10 (4 - bit correction)?