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LPC804 Github Project and Examples with Focus on PLU Setup

Discussion created by Oliver Kraus on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2019 by Oliver Kraus

Hi All


I have stared to document my own experience withthe LPC804 and its PLU on a github project:

GitHub - olikraus/lpc804_plu: LPC804 toolchain with PLU compiler and Flash-ROM upload tool 


Additinally I created several posts to describe details of the project.

ISP Upload for the NXP LPC804 | drolliblog 

NXP LPC804 Toolchain and Blink Project | drolliblog 

NXP LPC804 CTIMER and LVLSHFT | drolliblog 

NXP LPC804 PLU LUT Configuration | drolliblog 

NXP LPC804 automatic PLU configuration | drolliblog 

State Machine Implementation for the LPC804 PLU | drolliblog 


Plan is to write further examples and posts especially for the PLU.


Please let me know any mistakes and suggestions.