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Simulink build error with example code, MC9s12zvm

Question asked by 飞雪 陈 on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Constantin Razvan Chivu


     I want to use a MC9s12zvm MCU for motor control with MBD approach.  First, MCToolbox and mcd_s12z_path.m are loaded into matlab. Then the freescale CW MCU v11.1 is installed. I also added the enviroment variable : CW_TOOL = D:\Freescale\"CW MCU v11.1". However, when the examples model, adc.mdl, is building, the build error has happended. ‘### Build procedure for model: 'adc' aborted due to an error.’ is found in Diagnostic Viewer.  all diagnostic message is added to the appendix. Thus, how to solve this problem? or this model has been built successfully?.  Besides, NXP Toolbox is found in Simulin Library Browser. So, how to creat a toolbox?