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LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down

Question asked by Ken Roberts on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by IvanRuiz

LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down.

We have a project that requires the LPC8N04 to wakeup from DPD by NFC, RTC or WAKEUP pin, the problem is detecting the source of wakeup - as the LPC8N04 cannot be debugged in DPD we are toggling i/o pins to detect states.

1) We are finding that it takes 6ms or so before any NFC status flags can be used (apart from the PSWNFC bit in the PSTAT register).

2) When woken by either NFC or WAKEUP pin the 'RTC Timer Event' flag gets set in the PSTAT register - this flag doesn't get set if the RTC woke the device.

3) If the RTC wakes the device the 'LDO Enabled' flag gets set in the PSTAT register.


Are we missing something? Or is this how the LPC8N04 functions? If it is how the LPC8N04 functions is it reliable and safe to use these flags?


I hope someone can help

Thanks in advance