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CodeWarrior eMMC Flash bug

Discussion created by Dávid Huber on Oct 10, 2019
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We use Codewarrior for bring up our custom boards with ls1046ardb processors. We use the flash programmer tool extensively for programming eMMC devices. We have a specific version of the CodWarrior packages which works perfectly in an environment. We wanted to migrate this environment to another computer to be able to develop and flash the boards. We cannot reproduce our working environment because we have an issue with eMMC programming in all versions of codewarrior.

Problem description:

We start an eMMC operation (eg.: Blank Check, Erase etc.) and the led starts blinking and the Flash Programmer tool never returns. If I stop the Flash Programmer the CCS is still active in the background and the LEDs keep blinking.


I tried CodeWarrior 2018.1 with and without updates. Codewarrior 2019.1 with updates etc. Non of them are working. I share with you our working eclipse plugin set. I have no idea which plugin is responsible for this issue. I hope you will be able to solve this problem because we really need the migration of this environment.


We find a temporal solution to hardcopy the complete environment and use it on the new computer but that is not a real installation.


Our working CW plugin list in the attachment below


thank you


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