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IDE for iMX8MQ & iMX8QM Processor

Question asked by Sangram Singh on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Sangram Singh

Dear NXP Support Community,


We are working on iMX8 family of processors, the target core of interest is M4 core on which real time application will run over MQX RTOS. I would like to know if anybody in the community used any IDE for the development of the Software for M4 core. I browsed on internet most of the people tried and using IAR and ARM-DS.


But considering the cost of these Dev environments, i would like to know any other tool which and compile and debug M4 core application of iMX8 processor (eg- MCUXpresso IDE).


If anybody in the community has any experience working on iMX8 M4 core processor please guide us in selecting the IDE for the same.