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FRDM-K66F not connecting with Jlink

Question asked by Priyanka Das on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2019 by Sabina Bruce

Hi All,

I was trying to connect my customized board with FRDM-K66F board to program the customized board. As per give process, using reset button connect FRDM board in bootloader mode and copy the openSDK file in that folder. After that unplug the board and again plug the board. After this device will install as Jlink CDC UART port. 

But my FRDM board is not getting reinstalled as Jlink CDC UART port. after copying the openSDA file. 

It is getting connected as segger mass storage device and Jlink cdc uart port with same no as previous.And the red LED that is D1 remains on. when i try to debug the code in MCU xpresso it shows error as target is refusing it actively. 

I tried to connect the board with Jlink commander but it is showing could not find core in coresight  setup. 

I have attached the screen shot. 

I am using MCUxpresso IDE tool , FRDM-K66F board and for communication Jlink. 

Help me to recover the FRDM board as a programmer.