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AR8035's RGMII TX CLK delay control

Question asked by bo xu on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by bo xu

Hello NXP,

   We had a  customed  board with iMX6Q and AR8035, there is a problem with network module, while ping the other host in local area, the lost package could reach 15%~25%. And we found that  AR8035's RGMII AC timing did not satisfied, RX_CLK and RXD[3:0] is okay, but GTX_CLK and TXD[3:0] is not meetting. 


I had see the registers value in ar8035, it seems that the RGMII TX CLOCK delay control had enabled, but from the picture captured by oscilloscope we can't say that. Did i miss something?




bo xu