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Defect/corrupted Sector handling on Mifare classic as NFC Tag

Question asked by Candra Kharista on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Kan_Li

According to the AN1304 - NFC Type MIFARE Classic Tag Operation we can use the MIFARE Classic tag to encode NDEF Message by using MIFARE Application Directory(MAD) that specified on AN10787.

AN1304 Section 6.1 define that we SHALL make the NFC Sector become contiguous. But i wondering what happen if one that sector become defect or corrupted due to external or internal reason (i.e Card detached while writing/initializing the card's sector trailer) and make the sector unaccessible. As of AN10787 section 3.4 we can use the administration function cluster code 0x00h and application code 0x01h to mark the sector as defect, but it will be violate NDEF Management definition from AN1304 Section 6.1 that says we must keep the NFC Sector contiguous. The AN1304 itself says that if the authentication or the read operation fails, we must assume that the sector is a proprietary NFC Sector(AN1304 section 6.4.1). I think it can lead us to another problem such as in defect sector on just one middle part of big NDEF Message TLV across multiple NFC Sector. So I am wonder how to deal with defect/corrupt NFC Type sector properly, so we can still keep the NDEF Sector layout without skipping N Sector(N=index of defect sector) on the reattach card?