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TSN Switch issues on LS1028ardb with OpenIL V1.6

Question asked by Junhui Jiang on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Yi Yu

Hi everyone~~


I am testing the TSN switch on ls1028ardb with OpenIL V1.6 (Ubuntu).

I used "dscpset" command to map the traffic with dscp value of 40 to cos (queue) 5, which is shown below,

# dscpset --device swp0 --index 40 --cos 5

and the corresponding prompt shown below,


I think reply of -22 means Invalid Argument, but I cannot figure out which argument is invalid.


Then, I test Qbv on swp0 and input "t0 00100000b 1000", but no packet sent from swp0.

I change an input as "t0 00000001b 1000", then the packet can be sent from swp0, and I capture the packet so that I can confirm dscp value is set to 40 properly.


Is there any idea?