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Problem with S9KEA8P UART0 running

Question asked by Sundar Vinayagam on Oct 5, 2019

Hello, We are trying to communicate with UART0  of S9KEA8P MCU without OpenSDA port which means we are taking RX and TX pins directly from MCU. For that we have used the attached sample program. 


By default UART0 uses PTB1 for TX and PTB0 for RX. But in our case we are using PTA2 for RX and PTA3 for TX. Corresponding PINSEL setting we have updated in the attached program.Still we were unable to transmit/receive the data from MCU.


Could you please confirm the sample program is proper or not? Do we need to add any additional PULL UP registers with the MCU to use the alternate UART0 PINS?


Also, Currently our UART baudrate is 9600 (UART0->BDL = 128). Is it possible to change it as 115200(UART0->BDL = 10)?