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A LOCKUP reset will occur in the partition of MKE15Z256VLH7

Question asked by wanglanjun on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by wanglanjun

Dear all,
I want to configure FlexNVM as EEPROM in MKE15Z256VLH7. First, I need to partition it. I use the FLEXNVM_ProgramPartition function(the API of SDK 2.6.0) to partition. If I call this function in the interrupt handler, everything works fine! But if I call this function in application code, Once excutes allFtfxRunCommand function of fsl_ftfx_controller.c file, MKE15Z256VLH7 will cause LOCKUP reset. it failed.Does anyone know why?
How long does the partition take?
Can there be an interruption during the execution of the partition?
What is the timing requirement for the execution partition?