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About Bootloader on LPC54018

Question asked by Oscar Niño on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Alice_Yang


I have some questions, I hope somebody could help me.


Question 1:

About hardware by UART; I just need ISP pins(PIO0_6, PIO0_5 & PIO0_4) and RESET pin to handler it?


Question 2:

I suppose I need a reset and active (PIO0_6, PIO0_5 & PIO0_4 -> HIGH, HIGH, LOW) to entry to bootloader right?


Question 3:

In MCU Bootloader v2.5.0 Reference Manual is mentioned "void run_bootloader(void * arg)" function as a way to go to bootloader, it means it coud be called in my user application for example from a serial command from a master MCU to LPC54018?


Question 4:

If the last question is right, I suppose I do not have to set ISP pin (PIO0_6, PIO0_5 & PIO0_4 -> HIGH, HIGH, LOW) to keep it in bootloader section? (This is to left these pin unused and command it from user application).

Question 5:

I knew that bootloader is a factory feature, so, why it comes with the SDK? Do I have to flash it anyway?




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