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LPC4357 FreeRTOS cause fault after SoftReset

Question asked by Alessio Schisano on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Alessio Schisano


I have a little problem on a LPC4357 running FreeRTOS 8.2.

Problem is that when I execute a SoftReset MCU restart but during EMC SDRAM initialization it stop working, with loss of LPC-Link 2 debugger control. So, no HardFault, olny stop ecxecution.


The function where CPU stop working is this: SystemInit_ExtMemCtl (void)


From some research I think it should be a Stack Pointer problem, but not sure about that, FreeRTOS Heap in my application is located in External SDRAM, and if I call the SoftReset routine before FreeRTOS start no problem with EMC init.



If I made a SoftReset after these instruction, system stop working during initialization in the Reset ISR. 


The same code work right with a LPC4088 in the same condition (Ext RAM FreeRTOS Heap, same reset routine) with no problem.


In LPC 4357 I'm working only with Core M4


Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me.