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SGTL5000- DC-Bias on linein using codec bypass

Discussion created by Maximilian Gastager on Oct 3, 2019
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the SGTL can switch Line-In to HP-OUT using "codec bypass". We want to use this mode.


Our Problem: The SGTL does not switch the line-in DC-bias voltage on, if this mode is selected, which sounds horrible.  If we read from the line-in using the ADC prior to switching to this mode, the DC-bias is on. So there is a workaround, but it isnt pretty.

This looks like an error of some sorts in the linux driver.


According to the datasheet, there is no setting switch a DC-Bias to the line-in.  On the other hand, the driver seems to toggle some "reserved" bits.


How can we switch the DC-Bias on, without using the ADC first?