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IMX6 Dual Lite Watchdog reset

Question asked by Eric Meccariello on Oct 3, 2019
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We have started to ramp up a product with an IMX6 dual lite based board at the heart of it. With the increase in volumes of boards being tested and placed into units we have been seeing a reset issue with some of the boards where after  being alive and active in the kernal the IMX6 will reset (brown out).



  • I have monitored all of the core voltage rails (powered by 1.35V) and see no sign of a power dip.
  • The resetting will stop after the board has been on for 20 mins+ or so
  • The cause of the reset is always "WDG"
  • A couple boards will reset after roughly 1 minute, and some take ~ 5 minutes to reset
  • This has occurred on some but not all of our boards.



Has anyone experienced something like this?

What sort of events trigger a the WDG to reset?