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LPC55S69 : Casper and ECC521 support

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by ZhangJennie

Hello !


I have taken latest SDK and IDE for LPC55S69 MCU and try to execute mbedtls benchmark test.


It seems to me ECC521 cryptography doesn't supported by CASPER accelerator at all.

I have expected if it will be partially accelerated on HW in way how it is done on K82 and LTC.

ecp_alt_ksdk.c have protections like this :


#error "CASPER hw acceleration currently supported only for SECP256R1 and SECP384R1."



#if (ECC_SIZE_BITS == 256)
CASPER_ECC_SECP256R1_Mul(CASPER, &[1], &[1 + (ECC_SIZE_BYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))],
&[1], &[1 + (ECC_SIZE_BYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))], (void *)M);
#elif (ECC_SIZE_BITS == 384)
CASPER_ECC_SECP384R1_Mul(CASPER, &[1], &[1 + (ECC_SIZE_BYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))],
&[1], &[1 + (ECC_SIZE_BYTES / sizeof(uint32_t))], (void *)M);


Does it coming at some point or we can expect SW ECC521 only ?


By the way, do you have Reference manual for LPC55S69 MCU or only  Datasheet and UserGuide ?