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why sound card not detected error occurs

Question asked by Dhanush V on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Dhanush V

I have integrated wm8960 codec in place of tlv320 codec which is default present in phytec segin imx6ul board.

I made all the necessary changes in dts .And i can observe that i2cdetect also shows the UU at the at the address 1a which is the address of wm8960 codec .By this i confirmed that wm8960 codec driver is in use and by codec.


But after it is detected, if i am checking alsamixer and run the audio wav file , i am getting the error sound card not detected and alsamixer is not available.

please share the details where are the changes i should make to make the sound card detected, and which are the drivers responsible for codec and sound part.