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How to make the gateway of other manufacturer unable to read one of my clusterID

Question asked by Daniel li on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Daniel li

Hi everyone,

I have a PHILPS measuring color temperature lamp, reading its active endpoint and endpoint descriptor through a coordinator. The result shows that it does not have the 0x0702 clusterID; however, when reading the properties of clusterID0x0702, it reads and responds, and the power is displayed correctly. Why do you read the endpoint descriptor without the 0x0702 clusterID, and read the response when reading the attribute. Is PHILPS gateway able to recognize the 0x0702 clusterID itself and hide the clusterID from other gateways? If so, how do you configure to hide a cluster ID from other gateways?


Here is my screenshot, Active req:



simple req:


No cluster ID 0x0702 for grabbing packages:


read clusterID0x0702 attributeID 0


clusterID 0x0702  attributeID 0    value:2210


Why can't you see the clusterID of 0x0702, but I can read its properties?  Cluster ID hidden? how to hide?