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S32K144EVB Unusable: Error 4099

Question asked by sparkee on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Zahar Raskin

I've been having issues with my S32K144EVB since I got it.  At first, I was able to load code using Simulink via SDA.  Day 2, I was able to load code via drag and drop but not through Simulink. Day three Simulink would work occasionally.  Now Simulink seems to be finishing correctly and I see the .mot file on the SDA drive but the SDA LED on the board is doing the 8 flash error code and the board isn't running the program that I built.  It won't even accept .mot files through drag and drop anymore.  Here's an interesting note from the LASTSTAT.txt, error 4099 and NUL chars:



I thought it might be board hardware related so I got a new dev board and plugged it in.  It was able to load .mot files by drag and drop no problems but Simulink is giving me the COPY CATCH error.  I was able to open up the board drive in file explorer (though it was very sluggish to open) and I can see that the .mot file shows up on the drive while Simulink is still locked up trying to finish the build and program.  There is no error code in the LASTSTAT file on the new dev board, only the original.


With no other changes, I can switch between the two boards and I get different results.  The new board locks up until I unplug it and then the following error appears:


Even though I saw the file populate on the SDA drive.


I've been able to drag and drop SDA to program for the last two weeks but now that's not working either...


The EVBs are either giving me the 4099 error or, occasionally, going into bootloader mode when I drag and drop.  I've tried on 2 different computers with two different EVBs and (mostly) the same results.  I've gotten it out of bootloader mode then dragged a fresh mot file in and it goes right back to bootloader mode.  The other board is flashing the LED giving 4099.