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Problems with FLEXCAN on a MCU52255CAF

Question asked by Santiago López Pina on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by TomE

Hi, good morning,

I'm tryin to setup de flexcan in a MCU52255CAF. I have a problem setting the baud rate in the microcontroller. I've followed the chapter "32 Flexcan from MCF52259RM."
I can't communicate two devices over the can with MCF52259.


I configure the registers with the follow data.


    Use external Clock of 25Mhz.
    Ftq = 25 / (10 + 1) ; Preescaler: 10.(Eqn32-6)
    BitRate : Ftq / ( 1 + 11 + 4) (Eqn32-7)


When I send data over the can, I meassure the wide of 1 bit with the osciloscope, and I get a wide of  25uS.


I change the preescaler, and always I get the same wide, I think that, i'm not configuring correctly the baudrate in the register.


What I'm doing wrong?