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SDK Support of MCU Not Listed

Question asked by Aaron Loar on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Sabina Bruce


I am trying to do development with an MK10DX128VLL7.

However, this MCU is not listed in the MCUXpresso SDK. Therefore, the IDE doesn't know it, nor does the Config Tools.

The closest MCU that is listed is the MK10DX128xxx10. However, this is a 10 (100MHz) MCU. Furthermore, the 10 is a 144-pin package. The 7 is only a 100 pin package - all the pins, ports, etc are different. I would imagine that the MCUs being from the same family would have a lot of common features...


My question is, given that I can't change this selection of chips (changing MCUs at this time is not possible), can I request an MCU be added to the list of supported MCUs?

Or, is there a way I can use the reference manual to lay out my own mapping?


I found other threads where the MQX software was suggested, but those links are dead, and the software is no longer being developed in favor of the new MCUXpresso suite.


Hoping you can help,