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MPC5777c, eTPU:  input pins configuration

Question asked by cedric toncanier on Oct 3, 2019
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On MPC5777  we configures eTPU B channel 0-1 as inputs (PCR147 -148) with PA = Primary function and IBE set to 1.


SIU PCR 147 Configuration Register:


Despite state changes on eTPU inputs pins, we still see 0 inside CSCR.IPS. Like there was no activity on the pins.


eTPU B CSCR Register:


We are able to play on the output pins. Our ETPU source code is running perfectly on MPC5644A.


ETPU B Configuration Register:


ETPU B Time Base Configuration Register:


Do you have any suggestions about maybe a missing SIU/ETPU configuration ?



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