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T1042 I2C Driver

Question asked by unknown issuee on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Serguei Podiatchev

I'm working on T1042RDB board and I'm writing I2C driver as standalone but i have encountered some problem during writing driver. before i tell my problem, i want to show some part of the driver code.


the following is initializion step in the driver for master.


I2C_Frequency->FDR  = 0x1;

I2C_Dfs-DFSR = 0x1;






after above initilazation, i call my readFromSlave function which it sends START Condition, and Slave address with R/W bit.


readFromSlave function is like that;


if(I2C_Status->MBB == BUS_AVAILABLE)


    I2C_Control->MSTA = MASTER_MODE;

     printf("I'm master from now\n");



I2C_DATA->Data = SLAVE_ADDR && MASK_WRITE; // slave addres is 0x4c and mask_write is FE.




when i call readFromSlave function, "while loop" is not broken. slave is not sending ACK message to master and i know this ACK means slave says "yes, this address belongs to me and i'm on the bus". 


i wonder that why slave is not sending an ACK to master. by the way, i guess in the terminology this ack belongs to address cycle. 


how can i resolve this problem because slave doesnt send ack to master ?  


thanks in advance.