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Error in Integration of NXP PN7150 NFC controller to android

Question asked by Imogen Anna on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by jimmychan

Once all the steps mentioned in the Android porting document( dgcustomerfirst) is completed, the test application NfcFactoryTestApp doesn't work properly. NFC option is available in the settings window, but when its turned ON , dmesg shows the following error

pn54x_dev_write : i2c_master_send returned -107i2c-msm-v2 7575000.i2c : NACK: slave not responding, ensure its powered: msgs(n:1 cur:0 tx) bc(rx:0 tx:4) mode:FIFO slv_addr:0x28 MSTR_STS:0x0d1300c8 OPER:0x00000090

Definition added in platform tree file is as follows

&i2c_8 {        pn547: pn547@28 {                compatible = "nxp,pn547";                reg = <0x28>;                clock-frequency = <400000>;                interrupt-parent = <&tlmm>;                interrupt-gpios = <&tlmm 10 0>;                enable-gpios = <&tlmm 11 0>;        };};

Any help will be appreciated.